Botox – The most effective wrinkle treatment

There are many ways to reach the desired, wrinke free skin, but none are as effective as botox. It is true that it is an injection, but the results will last for months. It can eliminate mimi wrinkles, but botox can also help in the prevention. Properly injected botox inhibits the contraction of the targeted muscle, but the muscles do not look stiff and the face does not become expressionless. Botox (botulinum toxin) is a byproduct of the metabolism of Clostridium botulinum anaerobic bacteria. It effectively inhibits the transfer of stimulus between muscles and nerves, thus exerting its anti-wrinkle effect.

It doesn't just beautify, it cures

Botox is also used for medical purposes. Neurologists against tension headaches, dentists for relaxing strong chewing muscles, which will prevent teeth grinding. In urology, overactive bladder is treated with it, but also dissolves vaginal cramps. Orthopedics use it to relieve tennis elbow and knee problems, ophthalmologists use it in case of squint and eye cramps. Botox can also treat convulsive paralysis due to oxygen deficiency during delivery. It relaxes the cramped muscles to, which makes the physiotherapy easier.


During an anti-wrinkle therapy, Guinot-Liftosome treatment may be an effective ally, with its botox-like biopeptide- and collagen-rich serum. You can get rid of crow's feet and eye wrinkles by Guinot - Eye Logic.

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