MesoPen puts an end to wrinkles, scars and pigmentation

Although we can’t stop time but MesoPen can eliminate the visible signs of aging. It increases collagen production, eliminates crow’s feet and wrinkles and tightens the skin.

We all like to look good. It feels good to feel attractive and receive compliments. MesoPen helps you get them for much longer. The treatment has anti-aging effects and is efficient at fighting skin conditions. It is called collagen induction therapy because it increases collagen and elastin production and leads to younger looking skin.

What is MesoPe?

The MesoPen device is similar to dermaroller but it’s significantly more efficient. It is essentially an automatised version of it, with the main difference being that the microneedles of MesoPen reach into the skin faster and deeper than those of a conventional dermaroller. The length of needles can be regulated as well as how deep they enter the skin based on the area of the skin to be treated. As a result, it can successfully be applied even in the sensitive area around the eyes. As opposed to the angled needles of dermarollers, MesoPen creates vertical channels, further decreasing the risk of tissue damage and enabling the active components to get even deeper. The dermis becomes thicker without damaging or removing the />
How does MesoPen work?

The microneedles of the MesoPen device cause minimally invasive precision micro-injuries, which triggers the body’s wound healing process. First though, the active components get injected into the deeper layers of the skin through minuscule punctured channels.  During regeneration, collagen and elastin forms. The more precise and deeper needles contribute to the superiority of MesoPen over dermarollers.

How much collagen forms?

The amount of collagen the body produces as a result of the MesoPen treatment varies. It depends on, among others, age, general health and the length of needles. Your lifestyle (tanning, smoking, alcohol) also affects how much collagen your body produces.

What skin conditions is MesoPen good for?

Acne, scars, surgical scars, wrinkles, aging skin (especially crow’s feet and around the lips), large pores, hypopigmentation, blemishes, stretch marks (as a result of pregnancy or weight change). MesoPen treatment is also effective when used to combat different types of hair loss.

Advantages of MesoPen treatment:

- Visible, palpable effects after the treatment, even following the first occasion.

- No known side effects, and it doesn’t cause sensitivity to sunlight.

- Short (half a day or a day) healing time.

- No permanent injuries or scars.

- No bruises, infection, discolouration or other complications.

- Large quantities of active components can be transported to the deeper layers of the skin.

- For all skin types.

- The dermis becomes thicker without damaging or removing the epidermis.

MesoPen is not recommended in the following cases:
Active skin infection, pimples, eczema, herpes, birthmarks, chronic skin diseases, coagulation disorders, malignant lesions, rosacea, psoriasis. The treatment can’t be applied in case of actinic keratoses (aka. solar keratoses, rough patches of skin caused by damage from years of sun exposure), birthmarks and moles that stick out, tendency for keloid scarring, pregnancy, breastfeeding, taking blood thinners, anticoagulants, aspirin or medications containing aspirin, diabetes. The treatment cannot be done if you have had fruit acid exfoliation in the last 6 months or if you are allergic to anaesthesia (Lidocaine sensitivity).


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