Vivace Treatment: Professional skin care with immediate results

Is there a treatment that removes wrinkles, minimises pore size and acne scars, and isn’t painful or damaging? Yes, it’s called Vivace!


There are countless cosmetic treatments that are supposed to stop time. You can achieve this result by combining fractional laser treatment with microneedling radio frequency and intense pulsed light treatments. This is what Vivace does. It stimulates the production of collagen that is crucial for mature women. It also eliminates acne scars and minimises pore size.

Why choose Vivace treatment?

Radio frequency technology guarantees immediate effects and collagen stimulation ensures lasting results. The treatment slows down the natural aging of the skin while it tightens and rejuvenates more mature skin. It diminishes wrinkles and leads to smooth and youthful skin. It regulates sebum production, minimises pore size and improves chin contour. The red light-emitting diodes and LED increase connective tissue and collagen production and moisture levels. Perfectly suited to be combined with other cosmetic treatments. Can be applied every month.

I’ve heard these treatments are painful. Do I really have to suffer for beauty?

Anaesthetic cream is applied in the selected area of the skin before the procedure, making it virtually pain-free .

What is the procedure?

Following anaesthesia and disinfection, the process lasts for about 20-45 minutes. The millimetre precision radio frequency makes personalised treatment possible, getting to that part of the connective tissue where it is needed the most. Microneedles make minuscule injuries in the connective tissue, stimulating intensive regeneration. Radio frequency triggers collagen and new tissue production. Healing starts immediately as a result of microneedling, leading to smoother and firmer skin. Following the treatment, the skin is cooled down and a nourishing mask is applied.

What do I need to do after the Vivace treatment?

In the first 24 hours following the treatment, only use specified facial creams. The face can only be touched with clean hands.

I work out every day. Can I carry on after the treatment?

You can work out and go to the sauna the following day.

I’m going on holiday. Can I expose my face to sunshine?

It is recommended to protect your skin from sunlight for 2 weeks after the treatment despite the fact that it doesn’t make you sensitive to light.

I’m getting married in the summer and I’d like to look my best self. Is it recommended to undergo the treatment?

The treatment can be performed safely and efficiently all year round, with minimum healing time.

I have an important event after the Vivace treatment. Are people going to notice anything?

After the Vivace treatment, the temporary firming effects of radio frequency can be experienced as heat makes collagen shrink. Redness could happen for 2-5 hours following the treatment. In case of non-insulated needles, redness might last up to 3 days.

I have pimples. Could Vivace help me too?

Radio frequency regulates sebum production that plays an important role in healing acne. The blue light soothes the skin and reduces the bacterium called Propionibacterium, improving the skin.

I’m expecting a baby, can I still do the treatment?

Vivace is not recommended for pregnant women.

How long until final results become visible?

Final results become visible after about a month or after further treatments.

How many times should I repeat the treatment?

It is recommended to repeat the treatment 3-4 times for lasting effects, with 3-4 week-long breaks in between.

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