Dark circles under your eyes? Oh, no!

Dark circles under the eye suggest fatigue and lack of sleep, but this aesthetically disturbing alteration may be of genetic origin. For whatever reason, there is an effective solution to eliminate them.

The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and extremely sensitive, and the capillaries running here react almost immediately to the body's oxygen deficiency, resulting in eye circles. In this area, the skin's base color can be affected by pigments, so for many people, the disturbing circles do not fade, even when they slept a lot. Women seem to be more prone to it, probably because of hormonal changes. The lack of relaxing sleep also supports the appearance of eye circles, as smoking, along with many other harmful effects, also ages the skin.

What's the solution against dark circles?

Much can be done by hydrating the eye area skin. In addition, there are many creams developed to eliminate eye circles, but the affected area can also be filled with hyaluronic acid. A cost-effective solution is the use of the corrector cream, while the permanent makeup tattoos onto these circles are becoming increasingly fashionable. MILSYS® Laser Mesotherapy is a great choice for eye area tightening and reducing under-eye bags. All anti-aging materials used in the treatment are free from paraffin, mineral oil derivatives, artificial fragrance and paraben.

In addition to careful skin care, it is very important to drink 2 to 2.5 liters of liquid per day, occasionally to detoxify the body and to avoid smoking and alcohol.

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