Back in time: facial rejuvenation without surgery

Many women feel embarrassed because of their sagging skin on the face, droopy eyelids, crow's feet and facial skin that becomes inelastic as time goes by. After a certain age, only facial surgery can help, but it is worth postponing the surgery as long as possible. Facial rejuvenation is possible without surgery, there are several lifting and skin tightening treatments available today.

The main purpose of the facial rejuvenation without surgery is to improve the firmness of the skin, which also improves the facial contours. It helps to rebuild the structure of the facial skin, to lift the eyebrows, to fill wrinkles, to fade pigment spots and to treat circles under the eye. Manual therapy, threading, flashing (IPL), various laser procedures, mesotherapy, dermaroller, self-blood therapy (Dracula therapy) are possible alternatives to facial rejuvenation and skin tightening, but hyaluronic acid wrinkle filling and botox treatment results are also impressive.

Personalized treatment

The personalised treatment is essential. A method, which was helpful for one, not necessarily will be helpful for another person. In each case, the solution and the necessary facial rejuvenation process depend on the age and the skin problem. VIVACE is an extremely effective rejuvenating procedure (in summer also possible) that has long-term effects due to collagen stimulation and can be combined with other cosmetic treatments.

3 in 1 effect

For those looking for a spectacular result, the tone-improving, muscle stimulating, lifting effect of Guinot Hydradermie Lift in combination with Liftosome facial treatment is recommended. MILSYS® Laser Mesotherapy can be our ally in reducing the eye bags and reducing the eye area wrinkles.

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