How can I get rid of pigment spots?

Pigment spots are aesthetically very disturbing, either on the face or anywhere on the body. Mostly women suffer from it, often during pregnancy, because of contraception or during menopause.

In the appearance of pigment spots, in addition to genetic predisposition and hormonal changes, excessive sunbathing and solarium play a huge role. The skin is protected from excessive UV radiation by pigment cells. This accumulates in the skin, resulting in brownish discoloration on the face, neck and hands. Age spots appear in the unevenly thickened epidermis, because of overactive pigment cells. They can make the skin ugly. The majority of women are understandably disturbed by them and they see them as a visible sign of aging.

Pigmentation removal

Nowadays, dozens of products can be bought in pharmacies or drug stores against pigment spots. The question is, which one should we use to achive the best results? Pigmentation creams usually contain retinol, glucuric acid or lactic acid and peel the skin surface.

Cosmetic skin polishing (microdermabrasion) removes the top epidermis by crystals, while mesotherapy specifically targets pigment patches, while during mesotheraphy active substances ar injected directy into pigment spots.

Pigment spots can be effectively treated with flash light (IPL). The pulsating light divides the pigment cells into small particles and then they pass through the cell walls into the blood stream.

Beauté Neuve's fruit-based formula delicately removes the top epidermis, lightens the pigment spots and gives a brilliant skin colour, while the microbonding, regenerating BHSYS® Meso Peel is one of the most effective and gentle exfoliating procedures.

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