Bye bye, sagging skin!

When we get older, the structure of our facial skin changes, the surface becomes thinner. The subcutaneous fat tissue decreases, the wrinkles appear, our skin becomes faded, making us look tired. This problem cannot be solved by expensive face creams, professional treatments are needed to effectively treat sagging facial skin.

As we get older, collagen fibers are getting bigger and our skin is constantly becoming looser. As subcutaneous fat pads disappear, we lose the natural fullness of our face. Loose facial skin leads to a lack of self-confidence, and many women in their 40's are already considering plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can wait, there are more anti-aging treatments, which result in spectacular rejuvenation.

Vivace against sagging skin

It is best to choose a combinated therapy like Vivace, which is a combination of microneedling radio frequency, fractionated laser, flash (IPL), and dermaroller treatment. The combination of the four methods resurfaces sagging skin, regenerates connective tissue fibers, triggers collagen production, improves facial contours, and narrows the wide pores.

The VIVACE treatment reduces the tiny wrinkles around the eye, it is also suitable for lifting the eyebrows, making it more youthful.

Additional treatments for hanging skin

Hyaluronic acid is not only suitable for filling wrinkles but also for volume restoration. It helps to restore the contours of the face. By injecting into the face, the upper part can be lifted, under eye wrinkles can be filled, and the chin can also be formatted. This will significantly rejuvenate our appearance.

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