Dracula PRP Therapy

You might be surprised to hear that your own blood can rejuvenate your skin. It is no black magic though. A small sample of blood is taken and is injected back into the skin together with important nutrients that get the regeneration started.

What does Dracula PRP Therapy look like?

A small sample of the patient’s blood is taken and separated into ingredients through the process of centrifugation. The clear serum that contains eight times more platelets gets injected (either by using a dermaroller or mesotherapy) back into the skin. The treatment can be applied to the whole body but it works best in the areas of the face, neck, cleavage and hands. Your own blood is not exogenous, ensuring the safety of the therapy. Amino acids and vitamins can be added to the clear serum before the injection.

What happens in the body after the therapy?

The serum is rich in natural proteins and growth factors. It strengthens the skin and fosters the production of fresh collagen and elastin fibres that are responsible for elasticity. New blood vessels form, leading to the improved metabolism, hydration and oxygen supply of the treated area. Dracula Therapy reduces wrinkles and scars, and lifts and firms the skin.

How often should I repeat the treatment?

For optimal results, follow a treatment course consisting of three occasions. It is recommended to do a maintenance treatment every 6 months.

When is Dracula Therapy not recommended?

Dracula Therapy can’t be done if the patient has chronic skin disease in the area to be treated. It is not recommended in case of blood disorders, herpes, psoriasis, autoimmune diseases, chronic liver disease, coagulation disorders and cancer.

Healing effects of Dracula Therapy

PRP is a regenerative therapy. It speeds up natural healing processes and generates new tissues where they are needed. It is used by orthopaedists to treat osteoarthritis and by oral surgeons because of its capacity to regenerate cartilage. PRP injections enable bone regeneration and heal nerve damages and sport injuries.



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