Master Techniques in Facial Rejuvenation – How to slow down skin aging? 

How to delay the visible signs of aging? - asked frequently. Everyoe wants to be attractive, but time is against us. Although the source of eternal youth has not been found yet, we can slow the aging of our skin.

Eye bags, thinning lips, wrinkled neck and liver spots, only a few of the most striking signs of aging we would like to eliminate. This is exactly what the skin rejuvenation is for, but it does matter, which treatment we choose! But how we should choose?

Skin rejuvenation treatments

Choose from proven, effective, and long-lasting treatments. Such is MILSYS® Laser Mesotherapy, which initiates collagen production without needling and surgery, and tightens the eye area. In the fight against pigment spots, fruit acid peeling can help, while the MILSYS® Laser Special treatment is used to tighten the facial skin with its lifting and anti-wrinkling effect. To reduce neck wrinkles, the Vivace® microneedling radiopharmaceutical treatment is recommended, which is also effective against large pores.

Skin rejuvenating creams

As time passes by, simple hydration is not enough to keep our skin fresh and tight. Effective skin rejuvenating creams n ot only reduce existing wrinkles, but also initiate collagen production. The Guinot Pleine Vie Skin Rejuvenation Cream with anti-oxidal effect smoothes the wrinkles and rejuvenates mature skin by strengthening the connective tissue.

Remember, regular skin care can slow down natural aging processes and delay the formation of wrinkles!

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