Effective wrinkle treatment – A good cosmetic product is not enough

It's a natural process that the skin is aging over the years. Its elasticity decreases, the wrinkles and crow's feet appear and deepen over time. Many people fight against wrinkles with expensive creams, but for an effective wrinkle removal something more is needed.

I worked hard for each of my wrinkles - we can hear from aging actors, but most of the women would rather get rid of them. The cause of wrinkles is that fibroblast cells produce less collagen and elastin fibers with age. Because of this, the skin loses its elasticity and tightness, as the loss of moisture causes wrinkling. The formation of mimic wrinkles by conventional methods is very difficult to prevent because our facial muscles are constantly moving.

Double strike to the wrinkles

There are many anti-wrinkle treatments - like anti-aging creams - that can help in a certain age. However, some of the active ingredients in the creams cannot be absorbed or if so, they cannot even reach the lower layers of the skin. Professional facial treatments are effective in the case of heavily wrinkled, dry skin, at the eye area, on the forehead or against nasal-lip wrinkles. Guinot Hydradermie skin firming, skin rejuvenating and lifting face treatments are available for all ages, even those who do not have wrinkles and focus on prevention. Botox acts as a blockage of mimic muscles against wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid eliminates deep grooves.

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